Throwing my Dad Under the Bus

[There's this poem that my cousin and I stumbled upon a couple years ago and it describes some of these feelings of smallness extremely accurately. Even if you don't read any of this post, please check out this chilling spoken word performance: "Shrinking Women" by Lily Myers] I don’t know what it is about Filipino … Continue reading Throwing my Dad Under the Bus



In my middle school, there was this courtyard that everyone funneled into during breaks and lunch. Imagine large masses of fresh teens - fueled by an insurgence of imbalanced hormones and the determination to reach the highest tier of some notorious social hierarchy - all concentrated in one area. It was like a daily mental … Continue reading Floater


I feel stupid. There’s no other way to describe what I’m feeling except that. I just feel incredibly lazy and incompetent and... STUUUUPID. I got my final back for Biochem and I scored a whopping 17 points out of 60. I don’t know if I have to retake the class or not but just the … Continue reading Stupid