Snippets: Appearances & Attitude Adjustments

A cluster of miscellaneous thoughts that either originated in my iPhone's notes app or scribbled in the margins of my chem homework. October 5, 2016: On Happiness It's come to my realization that no matter how much I wait for the "right time" to relax and let myself be happy, it's never gonna happen. Happiness … Continue reading Snippets: Appearances & Attitude Adjustments


Last of the First

I don't say it often and I don't think I will ever say it again, but I really love my school. As I finish the last of my finals and say goodbye to my hall and watch my senior friends graduate, I want to scream it at the top of my lungs over and over … Continue reading Last of the First


It's currently 10pm right now and even though I already had dinner (chicken stir fry, a banana, and ice cream), I'm craving a second supper so bad. It may just be me stress eating but I've constantly been hungry ALLLL the time. Even minutes after I finish my lunch, I have the need to munch on something … Continue reading Gluttony


Me #1: This is your 3rd post in one day. You're for sure going to burn out and quit by next week. Me #2: You're probably right. But let's get on with it anyway, shall we? One of the things that never fails to inspire and astound me is the amount of creativity that's actually out … Continue reading Art