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[EUROPE SERIES PART 1/4] PREFACE This summer (July 4-13), I was privileged enough to go to Europe with my sister, mom, and cousins. A total party of 13 - a mini family reunion you could say - touring 4 countries with the help of a perky gentle giant for a tour guide and a super … Continue reading 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W


Photoset: Night Run

I want to kick something. In less than two minutes, I bursted through the garage and sprinted down the street until I reached the stop sign. My heart pumped faster, like an abandoned factory shaking off its cobwebs for the first time, but it wasn't enough. Past the stop sign was a huge hill. If … Continue reading Photoset: Night Run

Yes! An Epiphany!

This is me going on the record saying I don't know anything. All the words I've philosophized about being happy and productive and an overall better human being.....please scrap them. Anything that I say and do and publicize with 100% conviction (first of all - wouldn't happen because no amount of force in the world … Continue reading Yes! An Epiphany!

Photoset: A Tiny Oasis

I did a very hipster-suburban-cliche thing the other day. I set out for a picnic (except without food and without company). My mind was blank, the breeze got overbearingly cold, and it was super boring but it was also definitely one of the greatest experiences I've had all quarter. Here are some pictures.