Cope [Burnout Series Part 2]

hello, it is Fran's second voice. this is weird isn't it? but it's happening hahahah so bear with me. hmmm how do I explain this without being cringey? the Fran that writes and is super in touch with her emotions, the Fran that is trying her best to get back into it....that Fran is not … Continue reading Cope [Burnout Series Part 2]


Pit [Burnout Series Part 1]

I'm going downhill really quick. From Square 1 to Square -3 in less than a day.  I don't know how it happened but everywhere I turn, there's a slab of impenetrable cement keeping me in one place. I'm in a box and the stench in here is suffocating me. The walls are too high that … Continue reading Pit [Burnout Series Part 1]