Send this Letter to a Friend

Foreword If you come across this post by chance, look to the universe. If you come across this through a link, look to the sender. Either way, someone wants you to know you are loved. This is for you, the reader. For you, the friend. Chapter 1: wind + water Take my hand whenever you … Continue reading Send this Letter to a Friend


list of sorry’s

i'm not the biggest fan of poetry because it’s too dense for me to understand because i don’t have the capacity to feel what the words are trying to convey because my eyes have an intense aversion to this physical format but i literally cannot form complete sentences that can make it to the other … Continue reading list of sorry’s


[BURNOUT SERIES PART 2] hello, it is Fran's second voice. this is weird isn't it? but it's happening hahahah so bear with me. hmmm how do I explain this without being cringey? the Fran that writes and is super in touch with her emotions, the Fran that is trying her best to get back into … Continue reading Cope


[BURNOUT SERIES PART 1] I'm going downhill really quick. From Square 1 to Square -3 in less than a day.  I don't know how it happened but everywhere I turn, there's a slab of impenetrable cement keeping me in one place. I'm in a box and the stench in here is suffocating me. The walls … Continue reading Pit