Sophomore Slump

Every tour guide mentions that it’s a mile all around - a circular loop conveniently meant for people who get lost easily. I admit it was a bad idea to go for a walk at such a late hour (not 4-in-the-morning late, but late enough to be the only one walking aimlessly around campus) with … Continue reading Sophomore Slump



In my middle school, there was this courtyard that everyone funneled into during breaks and lunch. Imagine large masses of fresh teens - fueled by an insurgence of imbalanced hormones and the determination to reach the highest tier of some notorious social hierarchy - all concentrated in one area. It was like a daily mental … Continue reading Floater


I feel stupid. There’s no other way to describe what I’m feeling except that. I just feel incredibly lazy and incompetent and... STUUUUPID. I got my final back for Biochem and I scored a whopping 17 points out of 60. I don’t know if I have to retake the class or not but just the … Continue reading Stupid